I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man

When trying a new recipe such as Maque Choux, the first step is obvious: figure out how to pronounce it. If you’re going to try a new dish and then write about the experience like a competent cook and not an Inspector Clouseau of the kitchen, you could at least be bothered to get theContinue reading “I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man”

Count Your Chickens Before They Lay … Because It Takes A While

Believe it or not, our chickens are still alive. Hobbes, Wonderwing, and Kylo Hen are now pullets – in other words, hormonal tweens – and have so far avoided raccoon attacks, dying of thirst, spontaneously combusting, or any of the other fates that kept me up at night ever since we set up their cardboardContinue reading “Count Your Chickens Before They Lay … Because It Takes A While”

When The Lights Go Down

Responses to what I’ve seen on Social Media, in no particular order, and with no particular judgement beyond that which is blatantly embedded in my word choices. Black lives matter. Any good cop who turns bad after all this was never a good cop in the first place. To the cops in Buffalo: maybe itContinue reading “When The Lights Go Down”

If You Kick A Soccer Ball In The Forest …

Do sports matter? Of course not. And absolutely. High-level sports have kicked off again with the return to action of Germany’s Bundesliga. They’re playing in empty stadiums, and five substitutions are allowed per match, instead of the usual three (although only three chances to sub per regulation, and an extra chance during extra time). SubstitutesContinue reading “If You Kick A Soccer Ball In The Forest …”

Lockdown Be Damned; It’s My Civic Duty

A few months ago, I received a Jury Duty notice which would have required me to serve in February. We were entering the heartland of a big project at work (think Paso Robles on a drive between San Francisco and LA), so I deferred it as long as I could … which turned out toContinue reading “Lockdown Be Damned; It’s My Civic Duty”

A Windfall In The Age Of Pandemic

Look what arrived today. No, better than doughnuts. Even better than surprise doughnuts. …. Those of you who read my earlier narrative will not be surprised at my new definition of windfall. No, you may not have my address. Yes, I know who my true friends are. Today marks the dawn of my new careerContinue reading “A Windfall In The Age Of Pandemic”

What You Think About At 1 AM When You Want To Stop Thinking About Coronavirus, Volume 1

You know who should be die-hard environmentalists? The lazy. “Sorry, honey, I can’t mow the lawn. I found a patch of clover with five honey-bees. Think of the bees.” “He was a really cute dog. I mean, I’m not a rabid dog person.” But then again, who is? My daughter: “What if we lived atContinue reading “What You Think About At 1 AM When You Want To Stop Thinking About Coronavirus, Volume 1”