A Feather Brush With Drama

Those tales of petty revenge that Facebook always lures you with are becoming less attractive to me these days. Probably because I’m seen the other side of it, at least from one person’s perspective. I think someone’s trying to get Facebook-level petty revenge on us, either for not giving them free eggs, or for someContinue reading “A Feather Brush With Drama”

More Travel Trailer Lessons From The Driveway

Next Friday, the saga finally reaches a middle. We have an appointment at Camping World to finish the last of the work needed after our marathon trip last summer: installing a replacement dinette seat – woodwork, apparently, being as rare as a Maltese Falcon in the days of Covid. That’s right, it still isn’t quiteContinue reading “More Travel Trailer Lessons From The Driveway”

I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man

When trying a new recipe such as Maque Choux, the first step is obvious: figure out how to pronounce it. If you’re going to try a new dish and then write about the experience like a competent cook and not an Inspector Clouseau of the kitchen, you could at least be bothered to get theContinue reading “I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man”

A Windfall In The Age Of Pandemic

Look what arrived today. No, better than doughnuts. Even better than surprise doughnuts. …. Those of you who read my earlier narrative will not be surprised at my new definition of windfall. No, you may not have my address. Yes, I know who my true friends are. Today marks the dawn of my new careerContinue reading “A Windfall In The Age Of Pandemic”

Notes On Surviving A Pandemic With White Privilege, Or Tales Of Mild Inconvenience

Chicks grow insanely fast for creatures with no survival instinct. When we realized we would be confined to home for some time, we naturally thought of the food chain, as in our supply line for organic if not-exactly-free-range eggs. So like most of America, we quickly secured three chicks, named Wonderwing (named by the sixContinue reading “Notes On Surviving A Pandemic With White Privilege, Or Tales Of Mild Inconvenience”