A Chicken In Hand Is Worth Two In The Blog

Chickens like to scratch in the dirt. A lot. Actually, that’s an understatement. Chickens like to scratch and dig like some sports “fans” like to wreak havoc on social media. They also like to break out of coops like Steve McQueen. But do they like the heat of summer?

An Invisible Woman Of Much Importance

After reading A Woman of No Importance, the non-fiction story of Virginia Hall, I was fully prepared to love The Invisible Woman, a novel based on Virginia’s life. Especially after just watching Black Widow and enjoying the downfall of a mediocre white man who controlled powerful women. Well. It’s good to remember that non-fiction canContinue reading “An Invisible Woman Of Much Importance”

Six Reasons Sacramento Feels Like Home

Cover Photo of Tower Theatre by Justin W on Unsplash Did I ever expect to call Sacramento home? No, not really. But then again, I never expected Sherlock Holmes to retire in East Dean, England, but there you go. I first viewed Sacramento with mild curiosity when visiting my future wife’s family at various gatherings. I liked theContinue reading “Six Reasons Sacramento Feels Like Home”

More Travel Trailer Lessons From The Driveway

Next Friday, the saga finally reaches a middle. We have an appointment at Camping World to finish the last of the work needed after our marathon trip last summer: installing a replacement dinette seat – woodwork, apparently, being as rare as a Maltese Falcon in the days of Covid. That’s right, it still isn’t quiteContinue reading “More Travel Trailer Lessons From The Driveway”

At Home Among The Tide Pools

West until your feet get wet We returned recently, M and P and I, to our home among the rocks, surrounded by barnacles, kelp, and snails. No, I’m not that bad a housekeeper. Barnacles have left our walls alone for now, and the smell of kelp is fading. Tide pools. I’m talking about tide poolsContinue reading “At Home Among The Tide Pools”

4,000 Goals In Blackburn, Lancashire

As I wrote before, sometimes sports heroes need to be viewed from a distance. Similarly, a bit of squinting is sometimes needed to understand why someone follows a particular team, when there is no readily apparent geographic connection by neighborhood, city, or even state or county (in the British sense of counties, not the American).Continue reading “4,000 Goals In Blackburn, Lancashire”