Making A Negroni Not Like Stanley Tucci

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize you are not – and will never be – Stanley Tucci. It might be when you look around and discover you’re not traveling around Italy with a film crew in pursuit of the rare and tasty consummate Italian dishes. Or it might be when you’reContinue reading “Making A Negroni Not Like Stanley Tucci”

An Invisible Woman Of Much Importance

After reading A Woman of No Importance, the non-fiction story of Virginia Hall, I was fully prepared to love The Invisible Woman, a novel based on Virginia’s life. Especially after just watching Black Widow and enjoying the downfall of a mediocre white man who controlled powerful women. Well. It’s good to remember that non-fiction canContinue reading “An Invisible Woman Of Much Importance”

I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man

When trying a new recipe such as Maque Choux, the first step is obvious: figure out how to pronounce it. If you’re going to try a new dish and then write about the experience like a competent cook and not an Inspector Clouseau of the kitchen, you could at least be bothered to get theContinue reading “I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man”

Stripping Like A Pro

Writing, for me, is a bit like a strip tease. Not literally stripping for the readers, obviously. You would never get any work done, and you might get slapped with a restraining order, or just slapped, depending on what genre of writing, physique-wise, describes your body of work. I don’t even mean baring your heartContinue reading “Stripping Like A Pro”

A Husband, A Dad, And A Writer Don’t Walk Into A Bar (Because Of Coronavirus)

It started with an old MacBook Air that’s on life-support. No storage space, having to delete photos and podcasts just to open iTunes or use a browser, needing it plugged in all the time. I just wasn’t writing anymore. So I bought a new Air. Then I realized the problem wasn’t just the computer. I’mContinue reading “A Husband, A Dad, And A Writer Don’t Walk Into A Bar (Because Of Coronavirus)”