At Home Among The Tide Pools

West until your feet get wet We returned recently, M and P and I, to our home among the rocks, surrounded by barnacles, kelp, and snails. No, I’m not that bad a housekeeper. Barnacles have left our walls alone for now, and the smell of kelp is fading. Tide pools. I’m talking about tide poolsContinue reading “At Home Among The Tide Pools”

Backyard Eggs – The New Bitcoin

So. The tape. Oh, that tape. Well, it speaks for itself, and hopefully those chickens are coming home to roost in Georgia soon enough … so instead, I’ll stick to why you actually came here – urban chickenology! Chickens make a better topic than Lame Duck L’orange anyway. If you remember our chickens, those threeContinue reading “Backyard Eggs – The New Bitcoin”


We were sitting on a riverbank in the Tahoe National Forest. Sand and pebbles. Cold, green water swirling in corners, pooling behind glacial boulders, flowing beneath pine trees. We were drinking rosé, eating cheese, olives, salami, and Marcona almonds in the shade, while the seven-year-old floated in an idle pool, relaxed as a leaf onContinue reading “Biophilia”

I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man

When trying a new recipe such as Maque Choux, the first step is obvious: figure out how to pronounce it. If you’re going to try a new dish and then write about the experience like a competent cook and not an Inspector Clouseau of the kitchen, you could at least be bothered to get theContinue reading “I Wanna Be A Maque Choux Man”

What’s Mine Is Yours

The Bitterroot Public Library is a coppery-brick building on two floors, settled at the corner of State St and 4th St, a block off of Main St. Isn’t that just the perfect address for a small town library?  It’s got a lawn, a bike rack, a gazebo, spreading trees, picnic tables, and a red woodenContinue reading “What’s Mine Is Yours”

When The Lights Go Down

Responses to what I’ve seen on Social Media, in no particular order, and with no particular judgement beyond that which is blatantly embedded in my word choices. Black lives matter. Any good cop who turns bad after all this was never a good cop in the first place. To the cops in Buffalo: maybe itContinue reading “When The Lights Go Down”

Notes On Surviving A Pandemic With White Privilege, Or Tales Of Mild Inconvenience

Chicks grow insanely fast for creatures with no survival instinct. When we realized we would be confined to home for some time, we naturally thought of the food chain, as in our supply line for organic if not-exactly-free-range eggs. So like most of America, we quickly secured three chicks, named Wonderwing (named by the sixContinue reading “Notes On Surviving A Pandemic With White Privilege, Or Tales Of Mild Inconvenience”