Lessons From The Road: Adventures of Newbie Travel Traileristas, Part III

On the second of ten days of travel trailer adventuring, we learn the thrill of leaving your travel trailer back at camp. Also, a close encounter of the whale kind.

Lessons From The Road: Adventures of Newbie Travel Traileristas, Part II

(I thought I should write about RBG. But I’ve already done that on Facebook. And others are more eloquent. I thought I should write about the ACLU; but I’ve already done that and donated. So instead, I’m just going to write about something more personal and less fraught with global importance. The fight can waitContinue reading “Lessons From The Road: Adventures of Newbie Travel Traileristas, Part II”

Survival Of … Whom?

“Survival of the fittest”: a phrase ripe for abuse and misinterpretation. And it’s cropped up recently in two ways that were so contradictory as to give me intellectual whiplash. An NFL quarterback claimed he’d trust in ‘survival of the fittest’ if he caught COVID-19, but, appropriately, backpedaled to make it clear he respects safety precautionsContinue reading “Survival Of … Whom?”

Pullets: The Chronicles Of A Chicken Daddy

Remember those fuzzy chicks we acquired, who somehow survived life in a cardboard box on our covered patio and moved into a wooden coop in our backyard? Who then disappeared from my blog, like characters in a pilot written out of the show when it goes to series (‘gone but not forgot-hen’?)? Well, they’re thriving,Continue reading “Pullets: The Chronicles Of A Chicken Daddy”

Lessons From The Road: Adventures Of Newbie Travel Traileristas, Part 1

What happened when we hit the road with a new travel trailer? Less death and destruction than you would think.


We were sitting on a riverbank in the Tahoe National Forest. Sand and pebbles. Cold, green water swirling in corners, pooling behind glacial boulders, flowing beneath pine trees. We were drinking rosé, eating cheese, olives, salami, and Marcona almonds in the shade, while the seven-year-old floated in an idle pool, relaxed as a leaf onContinue reading “Biophilia”

The Race Is Not To The Swift

“Win, lose, or draw.” It’s a neat phrase, making you think the speaker is willing to accept the results of their efforts, no matter what those results may be; but as a society, do we really believe in this? American sports leagues really don’t do draws; we want one clear winner for all stakes. UsContinue reading “The Race Is Not To The Swift”

A Song Of Iceland: Fire Up The Jet

So you’re stuck at home with a nasty case of pandemic and budding bungling fascism. You can’t travel, which makes it hard to accomplish your lifelong dream: startling reindeer and puffins with a random primal scream. Iceland has you covered. This might be one of the more brilliant tourism promotional campaigns I’ve ever seen. TheContinue reading “A Song Of Iceland: Fire Up The Jet”

More Random Thoughts, Escaping The Orwellianism Of It All

Amanda Seyfried stars in the Sesame Street special, When You Wish Upon A Pickle. Her character’s name? Natalie Neptune. Neptune. Don’t tell me that’s not a shout-out to Veronica Mars fans. No, Veronica Mars fans have not forgiven Rob Thomas yet for the end of that last season. #LoganLivesForever #NoNotThatLogan #AlthoughWeLoveHughJackmanToo #OkayAllLogansLiveForever No spoiler warningContinue reading “More Random Thoughts, Escaping The Orwellianism Of It All”

“You Deserve To Be Happy, Too”

Edit: I can’t stop thinking about this; I wasn’t satisfied with my first list. So I’m revising a bit. Sorry, Johnny Lawrence and Cobra Kai dude. Everyone loves Han and Leia, Rick and Ilsa. But what about those other characters who come and go through the lives of our heroes? One or two characters, sometimesContinue reading ““You Deserve To Be Happy, Too””