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Podcasts I’m enjoying for various reasons. Because I know you care.

If one’s taste in music says a lot about one’s personality, podcasts must do the same, right? So here are a selection of podcasts that I enjoy, and if you’ve made it so far as to read this page of my website, you might enjoy them too.

History & Science

The Fall of Civilizations with Paul Cooper

A good non-fiction story, with the proper narrative, can be as riveting as any novel (case in point, A Woman of No Importance about Virginia Hall). Podcasts are no exception, including M’s latest discovery, The Fall of Civilizations with Paul Cooper.

Surprisingly, the podcast features a man named Paul Cooper discussing the fall of civilizations throughout history.

As we drove the foggy, mysterious Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast, we learned about the rise and fall of Roman Britain, and the atmosphere could not have been more perfect. The story is woven with epic qualities worthy of Game of Thrones, and enough historical facts to please the most ardent historian.

An epic scope, with stories told in a balanced, thoughtful way that did not fall prey to overly dramatic devices. Can’t wait to hear more.

Other episodes include:

  • Carthage – Empire of the Phoenicians
  • The Inca – Cities in the Cloud
  • The Greenland Vikings – Land of the Midnight Sun
Science Friday

Because it’s required. I think I would lose my liberal license if I didn’t include the weekly NPR show with Ira Flatow (either this or This American Life. The point is to include at least one podcast hosted by a guy named Ira).

Okay, so I don’t catch every episode. But I catch a lot. Loyalty to the tribe aside, how can you not enjoy a podcast that:

  • Appeared on The Big Bang Theory
  • Features topics that range from the accuracy of Star Trek science to the myth of the “Alpha Wolf” to Frog Science.


Hello From The Magic Tavern

Sometimes it seems you can’t hurl a Tablet of Immortal Wrath without hitting a fantasy role-playing game podcast, whether a full-campaign live-play format, a mash-up of sitcom and D&D, or some other hyper-focused variant. Something for everyone, really. The one I follow devotedly is Hello From The Magic Tavern.

It’s basically The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy meets Dungeons and Dragons in an improvised talk-show format.

A Chicago podcaster named Arnie fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago into a magical, fantastical land called Foon and hangs out at various taverns with his newfound buddies, Chunt the shapeshifter and Usidore the Blue, a mighty(ish) wizard. Fortunately, he can still get a faint wifi signal from the Burger King, so he broadcasts a weekly podcast which takes the form of a talk show, complete with guests such as a talking flower with anger issues or a mouse with the strength of a human.

It’s a cozy fireside chat, with ale and spiced potatoes and improvised comedy. Plus there’s a Dark Lord trying to take over everything. So wacky escapades ensue. Also, shenanigans.

Financial Education

What’s Going On In Banking

While there are only a few episodes so far, this podcast, hosted by Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer for Cornerstone Advisors, is on the cutting edge of banking and financial trends, which are of particular interest to those of us with a fully-vested interest in the futures of banks and credit unions.

Each episode is very digestible, approximately 20 minutes long and conversational, to keep the content accessible. And the topics range from cloud leverage to the potential impacts of ChatGPT to the future of real-time payments with the launch of FedNow.

Plus, having had the pleasure of working closely with a consultant from Cornerstone on more than one occasion, I allow myself a (very small) sense of personal validation when listening to an episode.

Small Talks For Big Change

If there’s one component of the Credit Union mission that I believe in the most, it’s probably financial education. Whether teaching members to recognize red flags for fraud, or educating them on pros and cons for different borrowing or saving options, a Credit Union employee is uniquely positioned to make someone’s life better without the pressure of sales quotas to appease investors.

Patelco Credit Union’s Small Talks For Big Change does an excellent job of identifying useful topics that can be addressed in a few minutes. It’s brilliant marketing – expanding brand recognition – that also cultivates a contemporary channel for providing timely education.

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