Bridging Worlds

My grandmother, my daughter, all the generations before, during, and after. Time echoes.

Lessons From The Road: Adventures Of Newbie Travel Traileristas, A Coda (Kinda)

Finally got our trailer back. Mostly. A jury-rigged dinette seat because Gulf Stream has basically shut down all ‘woodworking’ since March 2020. But it is back in our driveway and no one died in the transport of the trailer, which means I didn’t forget anything in the last several months about hauling a giant tinContinue reading “Lessons From The Road: Adventures Of Newbie Travel Traileristas, A Coda (Kinda)”

Heroes Of Blurry Vision

Tom Brady grew up playing at Serra High in San Mateo, following Joe Montana. He went to University of Michigan where he had a solid if not startling career, and was drafted in the 5th round by the Patriots.  He came into the league with little fanfare, but when Drew Bledsoe was injured, Brady steppedContinue reading “Heroes Of Blurry Vision”


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