More Random Thoughts, Escaping The Orwellianism Of It All

  • Amanda Seyfried stars in the Sesame Street special, When You Wish Upon A Pickle. Her character’s name? Natalie Neptune. Neptune. Don’t tell me that’s not a shout-out to Veronica Mars fans.
  • No, Veronica Mars fans have not forgiven Rob Thomas yet for the end of that last season. #LoganLivesForever #NoNotThatLogan #AlthoughWeLoveHughJackmanToo #OkayAllLogansLiveForever
  • No spoiler warning there, because if you haven’t already seen Season 4, were you ever really a fan? Better bring Backup if you’re going to argue that.
  • Of course I stayed up late to watch the Sesame Street special. Quality control, people. Even if my viewing was after P had already seen it.
  • Which brings me to a conundrum: somehow in the midst of Corona Chaos, we enthusiastically answered a question: “Yes, Sesame Street is real.”
  • Which becomes a problem now that we’re getting a travel trailer and a very persistent soon-to-be-seven year old girl with an implacable memory is now frequently talking about a cross-country road trip to visit Sesame Street.
  • Now, parenting is a team, so I’m not going to say which of us dug this hole for us. But it wasn’t me.
  • But I’m sure as heck not going to drop the “Sesame Street isn’t real” bombshell in a pandemic. What next, the Santa Claus Reveal? Tearing away the Easter Bunny Shroud?
  • These are the problems that pandemics provoke in marriages. Well, that and randomly getting angry at each other for either rational or irrational reasons. All feelings are valid; it’s just that not all reasons for feelings are justified.
  • But what matters is a mutual gentleness with the little one, and that’s a victory to be appreciated no matter what.
  • It’s not easy.
  • But it’s all worth it. Just get your sleep. And remember the ocean and a blue sky and a green lawn, and everything that’s flowed from that day to now, and breathe.
  • #HusbandGoals When your wife asks you to bring down the turquoise nightgown and you get the right thing on only the second go.
  • We bought a new Subaru Ascent today. You can pair up to five Bluetooth devices, people. This is life-changing.*
  • Our 2014 Forester only let you pair one device at a time. Therefore, I’ve spent the past seven years ceding our automotive Bluetooth territory to M, which has made it harder for me to inflict Star Wars and P.G. Wodehouse and Hitchhiker’s audiobooks on her, but no more!
  • This will revolutionize marriages for the better.**
  • P’s face has changed, overnight. She seems so much older, longer. She reminds me so much of my sister Rosie now, when she was 7 or 8. Something in the brow and the invisible lines defined by an expression, a glance, a statement.
  • The world’s growing up and she’s catching up, a world disrupted by devastation. But she has a best friend, and that gives me hope for the future.
  • And she tells me she wants to stay with Tae Kwon Do until she’s a black belt and can teach, and she says it with a lot of conviction and focus.
  • Even if the focus lasts as long as you would expect for a soon-to-be-seven year old girl.
  • She will be A Mighty Girl if I can help it.
  • The Admin says they don’t want guidelines from the CDC to prevent the opening of the schools. They say Science shouldn’t get in the way of opening schools. They also say Science is on their side.
  • Which is it?
  • Ministry of Peace.
  • The only reason they want schools to open is to fool people into a sense of normalcy to impact how they vote this autumn, even as they dismantle and attack the channels of voting they know will expose the weakness of their mandate.
  • County Sheriffs should not be a political position.
  • You can argue the extent to which policing is necessary. Abolishing the police all together might not be sustainable. But a police force armed for Armaggeddon is also not the only choice.
  • The water. Lakes. The ocean. Those moments when you step into the water and bury your feet in the sand, hear the rumble of waves and the cry of seagulls. When she holds your hand and giggles as the water rushes around you. Those are the moments.
  • ‘Moments’ does not need an adjective there, thank you.
  • We will drive to find those moments in the new car, the “best car I’ve ever had”*** as my daughter describes it. We will find the forest, give P quiet mornings by mountain streams. The world will survive. I hope. Hope is what we need to hold; there’s no point fighting if we let go of hope, and no one likes a pointless fight.

*Obviously not life-changing.

**Or worse.

***Also only the second car she’s ever had in her life.

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