May 31st, 2020

I’m hoping today will be better than the 30th. Better than the 29th. But hope is a unstable currency.

Sure, we launched a rocket into space, or at least a corporation did. And full, sincere congratulations to the scientists, the engineers, the mathematicians, the technicians, the astronauts, everyone who actually made this happen. That is a remarkable feat, launching a tube into orbit in such a way that it can intersect and dock with the space station. We are still capable of impressive endeavors, no matter who funds it.

But …

It’s been an awful day. And there’s nothing I can do to help. All I can do is listen and try to avoid making things worse. And I can try to make things better on a micro-local level, as in my own house.

We bought an inflatable swimming pool.

We filled it for the first time two days ago in 100 degree heat. She was thrilled. She splashed and she soaked in our back yard for about an hour as the sun sank into sunset.

May you all have the chance to see untroubled happiness like that in the coming days. We all need quiet moments to distract from the tumult of evil men and ominous times.

And then do something. I donated money to a civil rights organization. Pick your cause. Pick something you can do besides wail and gnash your teeth.

Listen. Give. Love. Live.

And don’t buy the “both sides” bullshit. Call the evil men evil. We will make this world what it needs to be.

And then eat pizza for dinner and show your daughter The Mandalorian.

Published by dmhallett101

Husband, father, writer, reader, mostly in that order. Staying sane by pretending to be creative by playing with (WordPress) blocks.

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