A Coda. Kinda.

Finally got our trailer back. Mostly. A jury-rigged dinette seat because Gulf Stream has basically shut down all ‘woodworking’ since March 2020. But it is back in our driveway and no one died in the transport of the trailer, which means I didn’t forget anything in the last several months about hauling a giant tin can at 55 mph with semis whizzing past like Road Runners.

It also means M did the backing into our driveway.

So we don’t have this loop closed quite yet. They’ll call us ‘someday’ and we’ll go back to get the dinette we were meant to have, which will just look a little better matched with everything else.

But ‘someday’ is vague. Gulf Stream can’t even give their dealers an ETA. So life rolls on, jury-rigged, which is probably a fair description of life itself, existentially speaking, isn’t it?

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